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Professional Profile 

Over the past decade, I have gained extensive experience in Product Management across various industries, including fintech, real estate, travel, media, food delivery, e-commerce start-ups and cultural projects. My passion lies in creating consumer-facing products and understanding the psychology of user experience.


To ensure that the solutions I create are effective, I utilize a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods for problem discovery. I follow a structured process for product development and am experienced in iterative testing and product optimization. My aim is to foster a collaborative and outcome-driven work environment for teams, enabling them to work towards a common goal. I believe in leveraging the strengths of each team member and creating a safe environment that supports growth and innovation.

Work Princinples

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  • Analytical and data-informed decision making to create truly user-centered UX

  • Getting obsessed about the problem not the solution

  • Expert in agile development for early delivery and insights

  • collaborative, transparent and open-ended solution finding process

  • Structured processes and best practices for discovery and delivery

  • Proactive servant leadership for teams

  • Curiosity and constant appetite for learning, growth & innovation

All things Product Management

What I offer as Product Lead and Mentor

Product Discovery

Agile Methodologies

UX Research

AB-testing & Analytics

OKRs & Roadmapping

Product Strategy

Product Mentoring


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